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How I have helped others

I started doing these in early 2022 and have :
  • helped clients improve their options trading approach, ranging from basic education to practical risk management and strategy discussions (this has been the most common type of call)
  • provided asset managers with feedback on option-based ETF ideas
  • helped finance professionals analyze compensation structures
  • given career guidance to young professionals (and even readers who have ask me to talk to their college students — those are free, kids got it hard enough)
  • discussed pricing a tree of outcomes with an attorney who wanted to better strategize about cases
  • used options-thinking to help a VC seeking to develop more rigor around their decisions

What Clients, Investors, And Entrepreneurs Say

I swear I didn’t pay them to say this stuff:

Taylor Pearson

HF Founder | Author End of Jobs | Writes @InterestingTimes
One thing I try to impress upon people when I recommend Kris's work to them is just how rare and difficult to acquire the experience he has. I have to imagine there are (at most) a few hundred other people in the world with his level of experience and understanding of options trading. There are zero other people in the world who have both the generosity and positive sum-thinking approach to share that knowledge as openly as Kris has. I suspect there are also zero people in the world who have the ability to make options, one of the most complex parts of the investing world, so accessible and intuitive. Even a dolt like me that barely squeaked through remedial statistics on my way to a liberal arts degree can follow along! Since I started learning from Kris, I find myself thinking more rigorously and intelligently about markets than I have at any point in my life which I feel has led to materially better investment (and life!) decisions. Kris's courage to strike out on his own and share his knowledge makes him uniquely positioned for anyone looking to better understand capital markets, options, and online education. He's also just a great person and reading his work is always a good time. Anyone who wants to have a robust and broad understanding of capital markets must follow Kris's work.”

Corey Hoffstein

Co-Founder & CIO NewFound Research
In his writing, Kris has an unparalleled ability to make the complex simple, the theoretical practical, and the dull captivating.  His self-proclaimed lack of quantitative aptitude is his teaching superpower; instead of hiding behind complex equations, he distills everything into basic principles supported by real world examples.”

Agustin Lebron

Entrepreneur | Author Laws of Trading
"Kris is a unique voice who blends deep experience in markets with a broad philosophical curiosity about the world. He has a rare ability to distill complex subjects into clear, concise explanations that elucidate instead of obfuscate. For example, his explanation of how to think about car leasing is a shining example of how to take an everyday complex financial transaction, one where thousands of people get fleeced every year, and break it down in ways that reveal what matters (and what doesn't).”

Euan Sinclair, Ph.D.

Quant | Options Trader | Author 4x
"I've been trading, researching and writing about options for nearly 30 years but I still learn a lot from Kris' writing. It is easy to make things complicated, either to make the writer look smart or just because they can't do any better, but it takes real talent to distill complex problems into simple, clear answers. Kris does this with option theory , but he also applies the same process to other aspects of trading and life. If you can't learn from Kris, that is a reflection on you, not him.”

Jason Buck

Hedge Fund Founder & CIO
Finance is a world that loves to make things complicated as a throne to personal hubris.  Kris has the rare ability to distil complex subjects into easily digestible bites that build on one another.  As Einstein allegedly said: "genius is making complex ideas simple".  His abundance of patience has made our phone calls educational, enlightening, and fruitful when I ask ridiculous questions, while force limiting him to ELI5 answers. Moontower is the rare newsletter that I truly look forward to reading and get a jolt of excitement when it hits my inbox.”

Wes Gray, Ph.D.

Founder Asset Manager @AlphaArchitect | Marine Veteran | Author 4x
Kris rocks Moontower Substack. Crushing it with finance wisdom that is accessible to everyone. A must-read author and thought leader.”

Cedric Chin

Entrepreneur | Writes @Commoncog
Kris is a gem. He is one of the best writers and educators I know on the theory and practice of trading, and he generously shares his hard-won knowledge on just about every channel I follow him on. I've been reading him for more than four years at this point, and the way he ties lessons from trading to lessons in life has been eye-opening (and that's saying something — because I run businesses; I don't trade!) I cannot imagine working with a better teacher than Kris; you're getting a hell of a guy.”

Matthew Michalewicz

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author 4x
"I've been lucky enough to spend some hours with Kris (in addition to reading all his written work) who has provided unparalleled insights into the world of options and trading from many perspectives, whether they be quantitative or behavioural, which have deeply influenced my thinking and outlook on markets. Without exaggeration, I can say he is one of the smartest, well-read, perceptive people that I have come across in my travels.”

Chiraag Balu

Cal '24 | Traders At Berkeley Head of Education | Quant Researcher
"Kris's blog transformed me from someone who traded for the thrill and gamble, to someone who wanted to understand the underlying dynamics and develop an edge. It's written in an approachable way and has helped me develop useful intuitions for thinking about trading. I also really appreciate the perspective he provides on non-trading topics. It's clear he's someone who is skilled at and enjoys teaching, and I credit his blog for guiding me towards a career in trading and inspiring me to create more educational content myself.”

Kyla Scanlon

Financial Educator | TikTok & YouTube Creator | Writes @KylasNewsletter
“Kris is one of the best thinkers I've ever met in my entire life.”

Khe Hy

Podcaster | Educator | Writes @Radreads
Kris is a masterful guide at the intersection of finance, markets, and behavioral economics. His interdisciplinary insights are profound and unique and are always communicated with rigor, pragmatism (and a healthy dose of snark). If you're looking to deepen your thinking, look no further than this beacon of clarity.”

Tina Lindstrom

Senior Volatility Portfolio Manager @ Marex
Kris is a dear friend from my days from SIG. I’ve known him for almost my entire trading career, spanning 2 decades. When I want brutal, objective, intelligent advice, I’m hitting him up. We have this relationship where we know we want the best for each other, any advice we give each other is 💯 genuine, from the heart. I think Kris brings this aspect of his personality to all of the people he touches, even virtually, through the love he gives on Moontower to thousands of anonymous, but curious readers. Kris is super talented, as an options trader, independent thinker, investor… Kris is one of the few people I respect with my entire being, I recommend him without hesitation in any project he’s on. I know how smart he is, and how much heart and honesty he has. This is not an unbiased opinion but one he’s earned from knowing him and being friends for half our lives.”

Rohit Krishnan

Investor | Author Building God | Writes @StrangeLoopCannon
The world of finance is fascinating because it's a world of clear rules for an unclear world. When you delve further into trading it's a perfect way to blend mathematics and psychology and understanding of the world into acting such that the world doesn't fleece you. Try to make the incredibly unpredictability of the real world a little bit more tractable. There's nobody who does this better than Kris. It's why he's one of my favourite writers and people to shoot the breeze with, because there's nothing more fun than understanding the world in all its fractal complexity and coming up with models to test it, whether that's pricing an option or discussing the unique weirdness of veterinarians. It's also the answer to the perennial question, why write on the internet, and the answer is to meet more Kris-es.”

Paul Millerd

Podcaster | Author Pathless Path
Kris has been an invaluable friend and supporter on my journey. His world of trading and bets has helped me gain a better understanding of what I was selling (prestige, short-term income and status I didn't want) when I quit my job and what I was buying (time and space to think and experiment, resilience, and invisible future options on my own creative work). His quote "if you're making money every day you are leaving money on the table" is still something I think about all the time. On top of supporting and rooting for me, I am consistently inspired by his own dedication to his curiosity and how he is willing to follow it down to the depths of advanced math and statistics.”

Ankit Garg

Systematic Quant Trader | Founder @DecibelCapital
Kris is a remarkable and down to earth individual, who has always provided help/guidance at my request. He genuinely takes interest in helping out and is not too shy to back out, when he thinks he can’t offer much advice (that rarely happens). This quality is further accentuated, given that he has had a successful career as an options trader. He has generously shared his experience/knowledge - be it through his writings on Moontower blog or in-person discussions. His ability to view life from a meta perspective results in insights that are both profound and transformative. One particular instance that stands out in my memory was when we were discussing a brain teaser style question(typical for trading interviews). My first attempt was incorrect and he explained how the interviewer's follow-up question should provide me clues on whether I'm moving in right direction or not - irrespective of the question. I had an aha moment! I personally know several traders who cite his writings from Moontower blog, and I am immensely grateful for his positive influence on the overall trading community. I cannot recommend him highly enough."